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Non-surgical, Non-invasive spine, joint and sports injury treatment facility

Chiropractic Specialty Centers™ is providing world class chiropractic, physical therapy and physiotherapy services that are further complemented with therapeutic procedures rendered through State-of-the-Art medical devices. Our centers provide essential non-surgical and non-invasive physiotherapeutic services to those that suffer from spine, joint or sports related injuries.

Our world-class therapeutic approach is based on the most up to date research. Our physical therapists, physiotherapists and chiropractors go through our rigorous screening and training. We take it upon us to ensure that all our centers have the very best of the professionals taking care of those we serve. Unlike other spine and joint centers, we offer a collaborated method of care.

At Chiropractic Specialty Centers™, we have combined the benefits of chiropractic, physical therapy and physiotherapy under one roof. In addition to chiropractic and physical therapy (physiotherapy), our centers offer specialized proprietary system of care for spine, joint and sports injuries in a manner unmatched by others. It was our successes in the arena of non-surgical, non-invasive spine, joint and sports injury treatments that compelled us to launch our chiropractic franchise program. Through our chiropractic franchise programs we can now offer the same great and unmatched level of efficacy to a much wider segment of society both on the national scene and internationally.

Our chiropractic franchise systems and program is very unique as it combines chiropractic, physiotherapy and state of the art medical equipment all under one roof. As a result, we are offering our patient a collaborated method of care that is based on research and back by latest technology. Our centers treat patients with skills, knowledge and technology not available to others. In short, our means and methods of care will undoubtedly provide an avenue for your success. If you have been looking for an investment or looking to launch your own business, then consider one of getting our franchised centers or becoming our master franchisee in your area (country).

Our physiotherapy and chiropractic franchise program is an opportunity for business investors, chiropractors, medical doctors and physiotherapists seeking to own their own health care business by enrolling into our chiropractic franchise program.